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As it goes. 'cogito ergo' meaning I think, therefore I am. Conferences goes with 'We participate, therefore we are'.

The think-tank of iJARS Group are its Board Members who are eminent personalities from wide and varied Research interests and Expertise. Scientists, Academicians, Researchers, Technocrats, Scholars with geographical locations across Globe are part of iJARS Board.

iJARS Group timely takes advice and suggestions from Board Members on various Edge-Cutting Research areas and ardent Issues that Impact Human Society. These key inputs are then framed in problem statements and Conferences are organized.

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  1. Increase your knowledge horizons- learn new ideas and techniques. iJARS conferences are always informative.
  2. Get in touch with latest developments in your area of interest –get updated with state-of-art research. iJARS Conferences always present innovative knowledge.
  3. Opportunity to meet and interact with experts in your field of Interest. We often invite Subject Experts from Research and Industry to preside over the conference & share their latest research development.
  4. Fellowship with peers who can assist you in your research. We have seen professional contacts building through our Conference meets.
  5. Appreciation and Recognition for your work through iJARS Certificates.
  6. If you have your own innovative ideas, find your prospective investors.
  7. If you have your own product, find your prospective clients. iJARS invites people from varied and diverse backgrounds.
Suggest Conference

If you wish to submit a Conference topic to iJARS Board for Considerations, fill details below:

Topic * :

Various Subtopics to be considered * :

Research Area * :

Personal Details * :

Name * :

E-mail * :

Highest Educational Qualification * :

Professional Affiliation * :


   I understand that the topic for Conference may or may not be selected. In all cases, I shall abide by the decision of iJARS Board.


General Guidelines

1. The Conference Subject, Venue and Time will be decided by iJARS Board. Any request to for change in these won't be entertained.

2. Once a Conference is announced, the information will be circulated through iJARS Website, Social Networking sites and our Media Partners.

3. All authors are required to submit the abstract before first deadline.

4. The selected authors will be asked for full-length papers. The full length Paper has to be submitted before second deadline. The deadlines cannot be extended for any reason.

5. Once a full-length Research Paper is selected, it cannot be withdrawn on any grounds.

6. Research work presented earlier in conferences/prior published in Journals won’t be accepted.

Attendees : All those who wish to attend the Conference but not presenting any Paper will be called Attendees.


1. All the individuals who have availed iJARS Individual Membership and Representatives of Member institutions (Subject to a maximum of 2 per Institution) can attend any iJARS Organized Conference Free of cost. However, prior registering for the Conference would be mandatory.

2. Other attendees are also invited for Conference at a nominal fee which includes Lunch, Tea etc

3. All attendees will be provided with Certificates of Participation signed by the Jury/Competent Authority.

4. No arrangements/compensation will be made for Accommodation/Travel fares etc. However Suggestions can be given on request.

Participants : All those who shall present a Paper and enlighten others on the Research Area will be called Participants.


1. All the individuals who have availed iJARS Individual Membership and Representatives of Member institutions (Subject to a maximum of 2 per Institution) can present a Research Paper in any iJARS Organized Conference at reduced costs. However, prior registering for the Conference would be mandatory.

2. All other participants will have to pay a Registration fee which includes Publishing fee, Processing Fee and other perks.

3. The Presented papers will be published in Special Issues of iJARS Group Journals.

4. All participants who present a paper will be provided with Certificate of Presentation signed by Jury/Competent Authority.

5. No arrangements/compensation will be made for Accommodation/Travel fares etc. even for participants. However Suggestions can be given on request.

Will I be provided for attending the Conference without presenting any Research Work?

Yes. With a motive of spreading the notion of Research among all and to encourage participation, Certificates will be provided even to attendees.

I have missed the abstract deadline. Can I submit the abstract later?

Yes, you can give a try. But the chances of considering it at later stage are thin.

My abstract was selected, but I missed the deadline for full-length paper. What should I do?

You can request for considering your paper. The request may/may not be granted.

My work was unpublished at the time of submitting for conference. However before conference date, the paper was published in other conference proceeding/journal. Can I withdraw?

Once submitted the paper cannot be withdrawn. We expect authors not to submit their Research Work elsewhere till it is processed(i e accepted & published OR rejected) by iJARS Group.

I am iJARS Member/Representative. But I could not register for the event before deadline. Are there any spot registrations available for attending the Conference?

No, we do not entertain any spot registrations for iJARS Members/Representatives. However, you may attend the conference after paying the normal fee.

I am iJARS Member/Representative. But I could not submit my Research Paper before deadline. Is it possible to present my Research Work during the Conference?

No. Only the Papers selected by the Jury will be considered for presentations. However, if time permits, you may be given opportunity to present your idea before the audience. No certificates will be given in such case.

Are there any spot registrations for non-members?

Spot Registrations may or may not be available depending on the Resources available.

I have registered for the Conference, but not able to attend the Conference. Can the fee be refunded?

No. The arrangements for audience like Auditorium, Lunch etc are made depending on the number of attendees and participants. We cannot entertain refund requests for the same reason.

I have registered for the Conference, but not attending the Conference. Will certificates be provided?

No. Certificates are being distributed with sole aim of promoting notion of Research . Certificates will be provided only to those attendees who are present during all sessions of conference.

Can I request to publish my conference proceeding in a particular Journal?

All Conference proceedings are published in Special Issue of iJARS Group Journal. On request, the Paper can be published in other Journal with mention of Conference details provided the requested Journal is a iJARS Group Journal.

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