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Submission Instructions

These are step-by-step instructions for submitting a manuscript to our online submission system.

Tip: Keep this page open for your reference as you move through the submission process.

Do not follow these instructions if you are resubmitting a revised manuscript, or responding to a technical inquiry, or have otherwise already submitted this manuscript to somewhere else for Publication.

Fill all mandatory fields marked with asterisk (*) with accurate information

Enter the title and short title of your manuscript. Please do not enter your titles in all capital letters.

Please enter each name in an order of 1st name followed by middle name & last name, as per applicability. Every two author name should be separated by comma.

Corresponding author

Additionally, you will be asked to designate one author to act as corresponding author. Note that this is the person who will receive correspondence from the iJARS Group editorial, but does not need to be the person who will appear as corresponding author on the paper if accepted.

The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the author list and author contributions are accurate and complete. The person noted as the corresponding author should be the person who is actually responsible for ensuring that all the proper forms are submitted and all Publishing related activities are taken care of, and should be readily available for correspondence if iJARS Group editorial have questions or concerns.

If a corresponding author will not be available for an extended period of time, please inform us at editor@ijars.in

Review Timline
  • Peer Review: Author will get their manuscript Review Results notification within 10-15 days of Paper submission.

  • iJARS Rapid + : Author will get their manuscript Review Results notification within 2-3 days of Paper submission.

  • Article Submission Format

    iJARS Group accepts any proper formatted article for Review & Publication, however below format can be used as a reference.

    Article Submission Format

    Please contact editor@ijars.in if you have any questions


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