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Strengths & Benefits

Our Strengths & Benefits

Our Strengths
  • Motivation and encouragement towards research has always been our inventiveness since the inception of iJARS Group, iJARS Annual Research Awards is one such outcome. Best Research work is recognized among the Published Articles in various categories to bestow highest acclaim to the efforts and significance imparted by Researchers and scholars.
  • iJARS Group is an Internationally renowned publishing house , with a highly Prestigious Board, consisting of delegates and distinguished research scholars across the world.
  • Articles published in iJARS Group Journals gets indexed in global referrals & gets referred by researchers spanning over 120 Countries.
  • iJARS Group publishes & indexes articles within a time period of 10-15 days , such that every contribution is available to about million readers of our Journals up to-date & before it gets backdated, unlike never ending review processes.
  • iJARS Group has a huge list of Associate and Partners from both Research and Academic Background. iJARS Group serves as platform where the information about conference or technical group can be shared among huge pool of interested people.

Benefits of iJARS Group
  • Quick & Simple publication : Quick submission system, electronic peer review and production make the process of publishing your article very Simple and Efficient (Within 8-9 Days)
  • Advanced tools: With our advanced tools like ‘Track your Paper’, ‘Claim your Certificate’ etc you can experience the depth of Technology we adopt at iJARS. With ‘Track your Paper’, you can know the status of your Paper and expected date of obtaining review Report just at one click. With ‘Claim Your Certificate’ , you can avail Certificate for any paper published in past within hours.
  • High Impact factors and Indexing in many International database: iJARS Group Journals are indexed in many international databases such as Index Copernicus International, Google Scholar and many others thus ensuring high visibility of Articles
  • Quality and high standards of peer review: We maintain a high standard of peer review. Every Journal is looked after by its editor in chief & assisted by a strong Editorial Board to help us with policy and decision-making. Also, a highly efficient and knowledgeable board of Reviewers help us in reviewing the manuscripts so that best of class Research work can be acknowledged.
  • Our thick social network : iJARS has a thick Social network among the Research and Academic communities. With its presence on Platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate etc the information about your Conference/technical event is reached to millions of followers across world in just a few seconds.

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