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Over the years, iJARS Group has established itself as a world Renowned Publishing House. iJARS Group has published thousands of genuine Peer-Reviewed Research Articles in this journey. Membership with iJARS Group facilitates access to iJARS Library of Journals, published by Scholars across the globe. This membership would imply that you will be a pronounced member of iJARS Researchers Network for the entire period of Subscription.

The next milestone for iJARS Group is to establish a common platform for Researchers, Scientists, Scholars, Academicians etc to discuss ideas, collaborate and bring about something fruitful in the world of Innovations and Research.

iJARS invites you to join our worldwide member network who are dedicated in shaping of the future of research and studies. As an International body, we aim to bring together the diverse Research, Skills, Ideas and Innovations from our members and scientific board under the same roof. We invite you to join our network by furnishing the details below.

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