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Review Process

The manuscripts in iJARS Group Journals are accepted only after Double-Blind Peer Review by iJARS International Board of Reviewers. The following are some insights on how the process is carried out.

  • At iJARS, The Manuscripts submitted are sent to Editorial Team, which scrutinizes the Manuscripts for its quality. The bare minimum requirement is that, the Manuscript must be written in English, have a proper abstract, use of formal technical language etc.
  • The Manuscripts which fail and those which are not upto the minimums standards are sent back to Author with appropriate feedback. Some of Manuscripts may be rejected at this stage based on criterion described above.
  • The Manuscripts which meet the above standards are sent to 2-3 members in Board of Reviewers.
  • The Review process at iJARS is Blind Review, where the identity of Author is not revealed. Based on the opinion of Reviewers, the Manuscript is accepted or sent for revision. In case of Ambiguity among the members, the opinion and advice of another Board member having the subject expertise may be taken.
  • Directly Accepted Manuscripts are sent back to editorial team for final quality check, plagiarism check etc.
  • In case, if the board feels that Major revisions are required for accepting the Manuscript, the suggestions/feedback/recommendations in form of Review Report is sent back to the editorial team.
  • If the Board feels that the Manuscript is not of substantial quality to be recognized as Research Work, the Manuscript is rejected. However, Suggestions for improvement are given.
  • The Manuscripts which qualify all the above steps are accepted.

In all cases, the decision taken by iJARS International Board of Reviewers is final and cannot be challenged further.


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