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iJARS Group has dedicated Journals in fields of Economics and Commerce, Engineering, Management and Corporate Affairs,Humanities etc.

But, we do undertsand that there are many diverse fields where research is being done on novel ideas. Also, each of above field has many sub-fields. It would be really beneficial for the Research Community if all Research Papers pertaining to a particular Research Subject are published in a single issue.

To get all relevant articles to be published under a common umbrella, iJARS introduces the concept of 'Special Issue'. To have a look at our earlier special issues, Click Here

Guidelines for Proposing a Special Issue
  • The Special Issue can be proposed by an Eminent Researcher with proven Caliber in his/her field of Study. He/She will be the guest-editor for the Special Issue.’There may be 2-3 more editors assisting as Co-Editors for the particular Special issue.
  • Proposals for special issues are welcome throughout the year
  • A special issues may cover topics related to any advanced/trending topic in the field of the Study. Articles in the special issues may include reviews, researcher papers, communications and other types as deemed appropriate by the editors.
  • Conference organizers are welcome to publish the proceedings as special issues in the journal. They may also organize a special issue based on the extended or full versions of papers that were presented in the conference, symposium or workshop.
  • Papers in the special issue may be invited or openly submitted. The guest editors are responsible for reviewing the special issue papers, and supply final versions to the journal editorial office for publication.
  • The Guest Editor will have to submit a proposal in .doc/.pdf format which shall include the following mandatory information:
    1. CV and list of publications of the guest editor(s)
    2. Title of the Special issue,
    3. an overview of the topics to be covered under Special Issue.
    4. Justification for dedicating an entire issue to this topic.
    5. an estimated number of articles to be published, and if possible, list of potential authors and titles of manuscripts.
    6. Tentative time frame for submissions and publications.

You Propose We Publish

We invite the Academicians Researchers, author, technocrats to give suggestions to launch a special issue for a particular category.

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For any difficulty contact us at editor@ijars.in

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