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Processing Fees

iJARS Group doesn't charge any Publication Fee and the entire process of Publication; including value addition to the articles by Indexing it in over 100+ Bibliographic databases/ Indexing agencies and providing DOI in association with Cross-ref is done at the cost of iJARS Group.

However, a minimal processing fee is charged which includes the total expense of the Peer- Review of the Article by our large Board of Reviewers across the globe. Moreover the process is made rapid by 24/7 Contribution of iJARS Operations Team, iJARS PR team and other units, in order to keep our commitment of “Quick & Simple Publishing”

The Processing charges are solely determined by iJARS Central Directory and are subjected to revision from time to time. Processing Charges are accepted in US dollars (for submissions from all regions outside India) and Indian Rupees (For submissions from India). The details are given below.

Processing Fees Structure
For Regular Authors

Indian Authors
International Authors
For First Time Authors

Indian Authors
International Authors
2500 70 1650 50
Print & Hard Copy Subscriptions

The charges for Journal Hard copy Subscription are as below; this is inclusive of Printed Certificate of Excellence & Postal Charges. This is completely based on Authors decision to avail hard copy and not mandatory as a part of the publication process.

Print & Postal Charges

300 10
  • Processing Fee has to be paid only if your article gets accepted for Publishing & Indexing. Processing Fee could be Paid by means of Net Banking, Wire Transfer, Direct Account Deposit OR Online Payment Gateway.
  • Articles once Accepted for Publishing by iJARS Review Panel cannot be withdrawn thereafter. However in rare case there is such provision which is completely based on the decision of Managing Editor. For further queries, Please inform us at : editor@ijars.in
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