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iJARS Group is a world class publishing house that has been publishing Innovative Ideas on Recent advances in technology in form of Research Articles.

We aim to publish journals of the highest quality with the greatest impact, presenting innovative research that furthers future advances.

We ensure that high-quality research is as widely circulated as possible, in order to support academic and research communities. To achieve this, we partnered with leading associations and learned societies around the world.

Our Journal are indexed in some of the leading databases such as Google Scholar, Copernicus, Mendeley, CiteFactor, ASI, CSD etc. To know more about our International Collaboration & Indexing,   CLICK HERE

Our Collaborations

International Journal of Applied Research & Studies

Multidisciplinary fields – which includes Applied Sciences, Library Science, Education, Medical Sciences, Soft Skills, Environmental Studies along with the below Subtopics.


iJARS International Journal of Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Marine Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering., Textile Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Information Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Materials Engineering etc.


iJARS International Journal of Economics & Commerce

Finance, Accountancy, E-commerce, Income tax, Accounting, Capitalism, Wholesale, Retailing, Cargo, Eco commerce, Economy, Manufacturing, Marketing, Marketplace, Mass production, Merchandising, Trade, Globalization, Liberalization, Microeconomics & Macroeconomics, Market Analysis, Firms, Business cycle, Unemployment, Inflation & monetary policy, Fiscal policies, Trade Union


iJARS International Journal of Management & Corporate Affairs

Strategic Management, Ethical Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Business Culture, Leadership and Motivation, Corporate Communications, Business Law, Human Resource Management, Workplace Security, Marketing, Public Relations, International Business, Operational research, Accounting, Statistics, Operations and Logistics, Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Reporting, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Research


iJARS International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies

Political Science, Tourism, Health and Social Care, Law, Social Studies, Geography, History, Security Studies, Psychology, anthropology, archaeology, criminology,



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