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Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Editorial Team

The Editorial Team shall be responsible for any piece of Literature published in the Journal. It shall be the responsibility of the iJARS Editorial Team to:

  • Look out new ways to improve the quality of the Journal
  • Ensure that the content published meets International Standards
  • Maintain a record of material published in the Journal
  • Meet the needs of readers and authors(if any)
  • Address the complaints/grievances of the readers/any other Competent authority to raise the concern
  • Ensure that the articles submitted are timely circulated to the Board of Reviewers and the responses obtained are conveyed to Author without delays
  • Ensure that any details pertaining to the identity of Author are not conveyed to the Reviewers. The Review Process in iJARS is Double-Blind Peer Review Process
  • Ensue that the Author is kept updated about the status of his Article from the point of submission till the article is accepted/rejected after Double-Blind Peer Review.
  • The Editorial Team is empowered to:

  • Reject an article if it feels the content is inappropriate. Examples of inappropriate content include, vulgar language, statements which might hurt the sentiments of a particular religion/race etc
  • Reject an article on grounds that it feels the content published is not in accordance with iJARS Aim & Mission
  • Appreciate the effort put by an Author in his Research Work, by issuing a Certificate of Recognition for his work
  • Conduct & Co-ordinate activities aimed to appreciate & sustain the spirit of Innovation & Research among authors & Readers The Editor of iJARS may be contacted at: editor.ijars@gmail.com or editor@ijars.in

Code of Conduct for Board of Reviewers

  • Review the Manuscripts based on their knowledge and Subject-Expertise. The Review process involves judging and evaluating the Article based on its Originality, Relevance to the subject, Clarity of Presentation, Manuscript Impact etc. The Reviewer’s Board is also independent to evaluate the manuscript on any other parameter relevant to the Subject.
  • Give suggestions/Recommendations to improve the quality of Research Paper
  • Promptly revert back the Article, if the Article is beyond their subject expertise
  • Reject the Article if it is not worth International Recognition or is a mere reproduction of freely accessible Literature without any Innovative material

Review Process at iJARS

At iJARS, The Manuscripts submitted are sent to Editorial Team, which scrutinizes the Manuscripts for its quality. The bare minimum requirement is that, the Manuscript must be written in English, have a proper abstract, use of formal technical language etc. The Manuscripts which fail and those which are not upto the minimums standards are sent back to Author with appropriate feedback. Some of Manuscripts may be rejected at this stage based on criterion described above.

The Manuscripts which meet the above standards are sent to 2-3 members in Board of Reviewers. The Review process at iJARS is Blind Review, where the identity of Author is not revealed. Based on the opinion of Reviewers, the Manuscript is accepted or rejected. Incase of Ambiguity among the members, the opinion and advice of another Board member having the subject expertise may be taken.

The Accepted Manuscripts are sent back to editorial team for final quality check, plagiarism check etc. The Manuscripts which qualify all these steps are published.

No Plagiarism Policy at iJARS

iJARS aims to serve the Human society purely through Research and Innovation. Hence, Mere reproduction of Previously Published Material/Technical Books/Readily available Internet Content is not accepted at iJARS.

It is duty of author to check for plagiarism before submission. As far as possible, the content, block-diagrams, surveys etc must be based on primary data. However, if required, any statistical data or reports, copyright figures, architectures etc may be included in the Article only after obtaining proper permissions. The source, in such case, must be mentioned clearly.

In case of severe plagiarism or if the Author Submits previously published Paper,either of his own or copied from other sources, the Author shall be blacklisted and none of his/her further articles will be accepted. Also, the matter shall be reported to International Agencies, who are free to take any severe action against the author.


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