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Author Guidelines


  • Submit an Original Work.
  • Always mention the address for correspondence and mail id on the paper
  • Start your paper with an abstract and mention of keywords
  • Write in Simple English Language. iJARS Group accepts papers written in Standard English. Avoid use of jargons or jugglery of words.
  • Always write in reported speech and past tense preferably.
  • Organize the Paper in sections. The sections are expected to be logically connected with each other.
  • Do proper literature survey on the topic under study. It improves the quality of the paper.
  • Support your work with Surveys/Figures/Charts/Tables etc. It improves the readability of the paper.
  • Mention all the sources of information used in the work, at the end of paper in Bibliography/references.
  • Cite the references during the length of the Research Paper.
  • Be sportive with the Review Report and implement the suggestions if notified.
  • Complete the formalities in time to avoid cancellation of manuscript
  • Cooperate and Coordinate well with iJARS during the entire process.
  • Always write back to editor@ijars.in in case of concerns


  • Don’t submit work which is previously/simultaneously published elsewhere
  • Don’t include freely-accessible pieces of Literature. A research Paper is expected to expose something undiscovered so far.
  • Don’t use Copyrighted Figures and Data. If required, take permissions before including in your Research Paper. It is mandatory to mention the Source in such cases.
  • Don’t use substandard sources whose authenticity is disputed in your Literature Survey.
  • Don’t use Language which can be biased against a particular group/community. Always present a neutral opinion.

Remember that Research is a chain process. Your Research Paper may be Base of study for a new Research. Please ensure that your put all the best efforts.

Note: There have been incidents where authors have submitted previously published work or copyrighted content. It may be noted that iJARS Group editorial team scrutinizes each manuscript for plagiarism. If any author(s) are found guilty of any of such unethical acts, strict action will be taken against the author/organization. iJARS Group can blacklist Author(s) and Institutions on account of such unethical conduct and direct other International associations worldwide not to accept their work in future.


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